turtle Seychelles

Travel and Dive offers to make you discover several places around the world above and below the sea level. We are not tourism professionals but travelers in love with submarine landscapes and fauna. Take a ride in wonderful places around the world with us.

You’ll find on Travel and Dive several articles on the places and hotel we have been and we loved. We take some pictures and videos of most of our diving and snorkeling trips. We hope you’ll enjoy the videos and appreciate the beauties of the seabed as much as we do. The site is a kind of dive log book with the best spot we have met during our travels.

You’ll find a classification by region in the categories side bar. You can find dive spots in France, Spain, Seychelles and Maldives. The mediterranean sea sometimes not appreciated by divers by the beginning of 21th century is now much more protected and gets better every year. Follow us and find exciting diving spots in France and Spain, you can check the video of Diving in the Medes in Spain if you are skeptical.

For the warm seas and tropical fish lovers, our videos of Maldives and Seychelles will allow you to dive or remind your dives  in those paradise island. Indian ocean is an endless charm for diving. Have fun on Travel and Dive !

Requin pointe Noire lagon Bandos
Black Tip Shark Maldives

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