Bandos is one of the famous and oldest island Ressort of Maldives. This pretty large Island for Maldives is not far from the international airport by boat; It takes around twenty minutes with a fast boat to reach Bandos Island from Malé Airport. Once you arrive at Bandos ressort, you’ll enter a soft atmosphere. Take a sit on the large exotic sofa at the checkin desk surrounded by coco palm and let serenity comes to you. There are everal areas in the ressort depending of the room you’ve choosen for your stay. The ressort people will guide you to your room, either by walking or with a golf cart.

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Bandos island Ressort is a family destination rather than an honeymooner paradise. The island is surrounded by white sanded beach protected by lagoons, and offers a clear, shallow and warm water to let the kids bath safely. Corals are never far away from the beach side, so you have to take care of your feets, don’t try to walk on it ! It will wound both the coral and you. Beyond the lagoon, the Island have a fantastic fall that drops to 30 meters and the water is so clear tat you can see the bottom from the surface. This is trully a paradise for divers and snorkelling fans. On the island itself, the lush vegetation will provide you many shaded areas to watch the deep blue sea protected from the Sun.

One particular feature of Bandos is the profusion of black tip sharks that you can see. If you do snorkeling every day on the fall or even in the lagoon, it would really be a surprise if you didn’t see at least one time a black tip shark in a five day stay. We have seen several of them every day on our stay in march. Black Tip Shark are usually 1m to 2m wide and are not known as dangerous for humans. Like all sharks they are nevertheless impressive to see evolve under water as it moves with such grace and ease. You can see a picture of a black Tip Shark we’ve taken with our GoPro camera during a snorkeling session.


If you like diving and snorkeling, Bandos will delight you. The fall is really different according to the side of the island you’ll choose. Some areas are frequently visited by sharks, some other are the paradise for clown fish, and at the opposite of the dive bandos club this is parrot fish paradise. Anywhere you’ll put your mask underwater, you will see thousands of colored coral fish as you probably expected when you have choosen Maldive fo your trip. Of course you can also take a good time at the excellent Spa of the ressort, whose enchanting scenery, serenity and quality massages will immerse you in the most absolute relaxation. A small Island close to the main Island offers an opportunity to have  stay like robinson crusoe : The Kuda Bandos Island.


In terms of restaurant, the island has several choices for the hungry diver. The most used is the one dedicated to the full/half board, with a wide variety of  quality food organized in buffet. Two more exclusive restaurants are avilable around the beachs. You can also take a cocktail at the sunset bar , a wonderful bar at the end of a dock on stilts, that will let you drink your cocktail or glass of wine while the sun will go down in the sea in incredibles shades of colors. Bandos is really a charming place on earth !

For divers, the dive club of the hotel (Dive Bandos) offers tours in the morning or afternoon on the basis of two dives per trip in general. Dive sites are immersed at distances of up to 40 minutes by boat from the hotel. More than fifty sites are listed for the club, and coaching consists mainly of local divers. Diving equipment and divers reception is very good. The security is at a rarely achieved level with a two places hyperbaric chamber of latest generation at the medical medical center.


The first time divers are starting from the beach and then goes to the Island fall. As we are here in a PADI universe, first time divers are allowed  to dive up to ten meters, which is more than enough to see moray eels, lobsters, sharks and seabeds of multi-colored fish of all kinds. At least once a week, the club made ​​a dive to find Mantas out on a “car wash” spot-type where the majestic stingrays come for removing parasites with the help of reef fish. Even if nothing is guaranteed, it’s the mantas that decides, you have a good chance of finding any if you do several dives.

In the movie below, you can see a summed up of four dives with Dive Bandos around te Island. We have a special thought for Hermi our very best guide.

Bandos Island Ressort Maldives