Maldives are famous and known as paradise for divers. Bandos is one of these fantastic islands of Maldives, where just putting the mask in water let’s you enter in an incredible and colorful world. This Hotel Island has a small inhabited island just aside : Kuda Bandos. Some trips are organized from bandos (and other Islands) to kuda, for a day or a half day, and sincerely, it worth the trip !


Beyond the seabed that are incredibly rich (even for Maldives), the island itself has everything you can expect from a paradise island. Spotted in the middle of the turquoise blue of the Indian Ocean, small white sanded confetti with palm trees, Kuda Bandos is a lovely wild island, and if you arrive early enough there will only be you, the white sand and the lagoon. 

Beneath the surface, it’s a firework of all what Maldives offers in beauty fo shapes and colors from the lagoon to the fall. This One, spectacular drops in one coral wall from surface to a considerable depth, but the water is so clear you can still see the bottom! Vertigo effect guaranteed. The pictures you see on the page were taken at Kuda Bandos in March 2013.


Schools of fish around Kuda are very numerous and dense, so you can observe in very large numbers, Zanclus (which you see on the right), parrotfish, surgeonfish, oriental charts. The interior of the lagoon contains some shy species like the clown triggerfish incredible dress, angelfish, butterfly fish, and rays. Turtles also fond Kuda for its tranquility and well-stocked pantry ! A mask, snorkel and fins allow you to swim with all these people living in Kuda’s reef, leaving you with a lasting memory. The fall is not far from the beach between 40 and 100 m depending on where you go.

If you want to play the Robinsons on a paradise island for a day, Kuda Bandos is definitely a great choice if you are in this part of the Maldives. Do not forget your GoPro or camera during your stay on the island, you’ll bring some great pictures and films.

I’ve done my best to translate the original french text, but please let me know if you have any better translation !

Kuda Bandos island
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